This was edible for us as well as human visitors!
Avocado Truffles! Not for us!

The last couple of weeks we have had some Visitors! Why is it they can be so demanding? Batty can find it exhausting! Coco reckons it is the responsibility of other people’s pets as well as preparing food for her friends! Why she doesn’t open a pack of Cesar Dog Food and pretend it is a pate we know not! Her son and his house mates did just that for a Dinner Party over twenty years ago when at University! Not sure whether anyone ate it but hey if it is good enough for us then surely….?

Fudge sniffing during a walk!
Rama a Bengal Leopard Cat

First of all we met Fudge who despite her looks was so gentle and fun to be with. Then a visit from this Bengal Leopard Cat who really was not impressed to be under the control of Batty! He was furious that she refused to feed him until the correct time! Rama’s meow was quite vicious!

So relaxing!
River Lambourn




Today it was road work for this beauty.                               

More visitors arrived. This time Dalmatians who made sure our walks were extended somewhat! On all walks when horses and cattle make their presence known a lead  appears immediately just in case one of us runs wild!

Resting on this beautiful little chair was a first.  Positioned on the banks of the river Lambourn, a good distance from any road, it gave us time to listen to the birds and the gentle ripple of water flowing by.

Horses abound round here and it is always a pleasure to watch them in training from the various stables before going on to win. Sometimes!

“Fish & Friends go off in two days.”

A quote from Batty’s dearest Auntie ‘D’


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