Revisting Cyprus after 65 Years

So Batty has been ‘Revisiting Cyprus after 65 years’! Especially Kyrenia. At the same time both her Blogs have been hacked! Such a drama queen!

First of all she complains about no humans in Terminal 5 at Heathrow! Poor old girl ended up with another passenger checking her baggage in. Perhaps BA had better learn about oldies flying under stress! Was her fellow traveller a robot?

Kyrenia Harbour 1953
Kyrenia Harbour 2018

After an uneventful flight she arrived in Larnaca and was whisked away to the North where she was to stay with some dear friends in Lapta. On her arrival in Girne (which she continued to call Kyrenia!) she noticed how the Harbour had completely changed! Revisiting Cyprus after 65 Years can be traumatic for some. Not for Batty she enjoyed every moment! Going through the Castle she took another photo of where she used to swim off a slab of concrete! Because that is all now part of the entrance to the Harbour it is too mucky to swim just there.

Behind Kyrenia Castle 1953
Kyrenia behind the castle 2018

Her next outing was to Nicosia where she had been to a French Convent all those years back. But the  main reason for her visit was to ‘Chatter’ on the local English speaking Radio! Bayrak-International  Radio. To be fair she really came into her own! We are not sure how she lost the plum in her mouth but she did! So much better without it! The interviewer, Denise Phillips, stumped her on a few occasions! Batty had prepared to talk on her experiences in Cyprus in 53. Instead she was quizzed on her two blogs! The last one here being about A Glug.  Well when questioned she had completely forgotten what it was about!

Crystal Clear Water in 1953 behind Kyrenia Castle
Not quite so clear 2018

So where exactly did she live? The house is now within the Military Zone where no one can enter. However, a lovely lady was found who had worked in the house during the time Rauf Dentkas, the founding President of Northern Cyprus, lived there.  His widow continues to reside there.

4 P.B. Shelley Road 1953
We understand that this house still stands in the Military Zone 2018

Wherever Batty went there were photos of how things had changed! She loved the sun and all the wonderful Cypriot food. Swimming every day! Then she brought all that sun back here! Great. Now she is madly tending her roses!

“Lawn as white as driven snow;
Cyprus black as e’er was crow;
Gloves as sweet as damask roses;”
The Winters Tale – William Shakespeare

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