Puppies Everywhere!

Coco & Pikachu are somewhat alarmed by the arrival of 3 Puppies.

Oh no! What is happening? Puppies Everywhere! Batty has received three different photos from friends/family announcing new puppy arrivals!

Yes it looks as though training is going to be necessary very soon before the little darlings get completely out of control.  No nonsense will be allowed.  No one can cope with unruly Puppies Everywhere!

Leo is learning fast from Freddie & Zizzy!

First of all we have a right Royal Golden Retriever called Leo who has become a member of Freddie and Zizzy’s household. Then  a Golden Doodle called Coco! (We will call her Coco Junior!) who will be living up north with a family on his own! Finally a Labradoodle joining Moley!


Coco Junior a sleeping Golden Doodle
Little Agnes a Labradoodle under the watchful eye of Moley.



Wipe your lips!

Most importantly, babes, you have to learn your table manners! Remember to always lick your chops after your soup!

Coco has a cuppa each morning!

Drinking tea, Coco is the expert, is a delicate manoeuvre  and needs much practice! Don’t worry little ones we will help you! Avoid coffee as it really does give dogs and cats headaches!  Remember never  too hot and don’t break the cup or mug. The families like bone china!

The best way to get praise is to collect the post when the Postman comes. Never grab from the Postie, make friends with him! His job can be tough because some dogs are not trained to have respect.  Another way of getting treats is to sit and wait when told. This is very important at feeding time.

Collect the post gently!

Once you have finished your bowl do not go to anyone else’s until all have completed their meal. Then it is usually agreed that licking others’ bowls is totally acceptable.

I think that is enough for today. Sleep well tonight and no crying please. Older ones need their sleep or can get very grumpy!

Nightie night!  









“There’s a world of difference between a dog that is off the leash and a dog that is trained to be off the leash.” 
Don Sullivan

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