No Complaints Please!

Happy in the heat!

Oh the heat! That is all we are hearing! We beg you No Complaints Please!

Pika love a Jacuzzi!

The doors are open all the time! The trees are so lovely to lay under and the bees are buzzing. Occasionally we get the hose put on us! Love it! If the hose is not on, Pika dashes up to the bathroom and puts the Jacuzzi on!  No Complaints Please!

Roses for an English Summer!

Batty is delighted now  she has read that some of the top Rose Growers, including RHS Garden Rosemoor, have not watered since this heatwave began!  They can cope. We can cope as long as there is some shade and for mammals, masses to drink!

Look no arm bands!
Keeping cool inside!

The other day Pika had a swimming lesson while Bear, a beautiful old visitor took shelter in the sitting room!

On our walks wherever we go people are stopping and giving us their complaints about the heat! No Complaints Please! Look up and enjoy this wonderful weather. Strip off and relax! Forget the gardens they will grow back as nature always does.


Then after a lovely walk along the beautiful Canal in Little Venice we catch a train back to the country! GWR train was soooo hot. Complaints galore!  Even from us!  This was not natural summer heat! The heating was on and windows would not open.  Can you believe it! Thankfully Batty had enough water for us. Yes that was extreme.  We understood the complaints! But please ration them and ENJOY this magnificent Summer in the UK! We so rarely get one!





     “Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language.”
Henry James    

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