New Puppies need to be put in their place!

I am Juno & on my own now!

Coco here! Sorry it has been so long since I have made contact but honestly sometimes I do despair! New Puppies need to be put in their place. This takes time!

Yes I am becoming a grumpy old lady but Puppies at my age are not quite what I had expected! No not mine but another addition to the family! Actually I have to admit this little Golden Retriever, called Juno,  is rather sweet.

On arrival I made sure Juno could sit for more than a second!
Coco here & I will guide you but you must listen!

She arrived at her owners house, at eight weeks old, exhausted and a little untrained. A few puddles were made in the wrong place. By the time she was introduced to me, at twelve weeks, she did not forget to go outside so well done there! I have to admit when she arrived I put her straight into her place by confirming who was boss! She accepted that with good grace!

Pikachu, who is with me this weekend along with Po (Napoleon),  is keeping me busy! I am not that good with cats. Pika is great and that is why they live together! Between us we will try and educate Juno and teach her good, and sometimes bad, habits! She has to learn how to drink her tea properly.

We get on! Pikachu & Po
No dribbling allowed.
Always from the side of a soup bowl!


Juno went along to a friend today and it was rather sweet to see her together with another puppy called Willow!!

I have found a nursery mate in Willow!

The better I get to know men, the more I find myself loving dogs.”

  Charles de Gaulle


One thought on “New Puppies need to be put in their place!

  1. “Hi it’s Ben here. I hope that things are settling down for you.
    We don’t have a new puppy in our house And I was lonely when mum and dad went out for lunch today!
    They are home now so I have had my dinner at last!
    If I give them the “sad eye look” and make them feel guilty I may get another biscuit. I hope that we can meet on the hill one day . “

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