How much is a Glug?

So here we are about to celebrate Earth Day 2018! The sun has suddenly come out and the warmth on our backs is soooo comforting! Gardening is at a pace! Then the question comes! How much is a Glug? Pika looked at me questioning the word Glug?

How does one measure a Glug dog?

The other day Batty was given some liquid from a friend’s ‘Wormery’.  “Brilliant” she says with gratitude. This liquid comes from all the food waste in their house (we, by the way, do not tolerate food waste!)  and the worms make it into liquid! You do not want to smell it.

A Glug?

Anyway, verbal instructions were to put a Glug of this liquid into a gallon of water and then onto the roses. But what is a ‘Glug’? The Oxford Dictionary was not that helpful because it says “A hollow repetitive gurgling sound as of liquid being poured from a bottle.”


The sun is shining!

We watched and listened as this liquid was poured into the watering can. Sometimes it was a long time before the Glug could be heard and at others it was almost immediate! What will happen to Batty’s prize roses we know not!  We fear some will be killed off with too much of this fertilizing waste and others will be panting for more. Roll on the Summer so that we can report back on this form of recycling. Hopefully by then someone will have worked out the actual measurement of a Glug!



The Worms produced this!








ENJOY Earth Day and this weather. 


“Do not spread the compost on the weeds.” 

William Shakespeare -Hamlet

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