First House!

These ruins – too much work!

Pika here! Somewhat nervous! Mummy has just bought her First House! We actually move at the end of the month!

Please not this – Tilly a cat lives here!
There is a dishwasher!

We have been searching for the right place at the right price! Now it is time for us all to leave what has been our childhood home.  What a palaver that has been! Long discussions after each viewing.  I have been taken everywhere and asked “Pika what do you think to this?” Most of them were not to my liking. Then we found it! At last we have a place to call our own.

Then panic!  We thought we had lost it because solicitors misunderstood something and thought we had withdrawn! Nervous breakdown time. Batty is worse than any of us when it comes to getting contracts signed because she will not accept the slow movement of the legal profession. So impatient!


Ready to sign!

I signed everything yesterday and we exchanged today! There is a good sized garden but we know nothing about plants. I am good at digging them up! Not sure that is what is required. Batty is offering us some old rusty forks and spades which look lethal. For our First House they will be gratefully received.

Napoleon checked all the plumbing!





Coco loves cars!

Just by the house is a park which looks well maintained. I am not a fan of the car so this is great news. Just walk out and hey presto we are in doggy heaven!

Should be fun!












“Momma used to say, you got to know when to move. More important than knowing when to stay put.” 

Joyce Carol Oates – Man Crazy

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