FAQ – Domestic Pets answer your questions

Hi!! We do try and answer most questions and we will endeavour to help always!  Between us we have differing opinions but sincerely hope you can relate to the answers! Iphone Jan 2016 040

Q:Why do most dogs chase cats?

A: Well dear cats, us dogs travel in cars quite often – sometimes at night, when the driver tries to follow the reflecting lights in the middle of the road which are called “Cat’s Eyes” So we have learnt to chase you with your beautiful eyes!

Q:Why do most cats chase mice?

A: Us cats just love milk and cheese, which most humans, these days, will not allow us to drink anymore-health diets and all that. So when we see a mouse we know he /she has been or is heading for cheese! Just love the chase and the reward afterwards!

Chasing mice can be exhausting!
Chasing mice can be exhausting!

Q:Why do some dogs absolutely love water (ponds, lakes and the sea!) when others won’t go near it?

A: Hi I am Marley, a Labrador,

Ready steady Goooooo!
Ready steady Go go go!

and just cannot resist water. You have to admit it is such fun being taken for an elegant walk just before the walker is off to a wedding and dressed in glad rags.

Let two us have a goo at shaking once out of the water!
Shall we have a go at shaking once out of the water?!

That is the invitation I love! Yep I head straight for the muddiest pond, jump in and then come out soaking wet heading directly towards the person concerned! It has been the ‘Old Bat’ before! I know of few dogs who dislike water!



Q: Why  are Donkeys soooo stubborn?

A: We Donkeys have been around for many thousands of years and are extremely tired! Not only that, we have carried so much and never get to lay by the hearth in winter!

Waiting for the children in the heat with their sticky ice creams!
Waiting for the children in the heat with their sticky ice creams!

Carrots have become rather boring and the tugs are bait for us to sit tight!

Enjoy your rides!