Babe it’s cold out there!

Enjoying the Warmth of the sun!

“Come on dogs!” Came the cry from Batty as we were soaking up the sun on this beautiful November day! “The forecast is for very cold weather to hit us within the next few days!” What was she talking about?

Mulched just in time!

Immediately we were thrown into moving bags of manure and pricking ourselves on all the rose cuttings. We were informed that it was essential to get these prickly beasts well covered!

The Summer House for Tilly!
Daisy doesn’t like shopping All day!

Then down in Devon Daisy was being rushed from shop to shop to find a special heater for Tilly, a Norwegian Forest cat, in her little summer house. The problem is that she keeps on bringing mice into the house  and anything else she can catch!  Babs is fed up with the hours spent chasing animals around the place at night! She has a a net to catch them in but her sleep is severely disturbed. So the summer house has been equipped with heating and very warm bedding.! So spoiled!

Get to top of hill to find clouds!

The cold spell arrives! Yes very cold first thing in the morning! Not a chance of a  lay-in! Off to catch the spectacular sunrise. Once at the top of the hill the clouds hide the sun! However, we find the horses are also feeling the cold. They have an extra coat though!

They have special coats!
Coco’s mum looks so snug!

Coco’s mother is taken up to London and buys a new winter coat. It looks so snug! Oh to be warm! A cuppa would not come a miss!

Have a great warm week!


Coco warm!
Aaah a Cuppa found!
Tilly’s cosy place
What a special heater for a Norwegian Forest Cat?










“Winter is coming.” 

George R.R. Martin – A Game of Thrones


2 thoughts on “Babe it’s cold out there!

  1. Rhubarb has finally agreed to use his cat flap to escape the cold. He is pretty snooty with us who now don’t open doors to let him in or out at every miaow !

  2. Oh Rhubarb! Tilly is furious about being excluded at night but she does have great warmth just as you do in your house. Don’t be snooty! If you make your parents feel you love them all the time you may get extra tit bits!! Enjoy the Christmas tree when it arrives!! Great fun to destroy!

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